Mutual Funds

About Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are known to be one of the best investment avenues in India. Learn about Mutual Funds, how they work, benefits, and how to invest.

A Mutual Fund (MF) is formed when capital collected by various investors is invested in purchasing company shares, stocks, or bonds. Shared by thousands of investors, mutual funds investments are collectively managed by a professional fund manager to earn the highest possible returns. This is how mutual funds work, not only in India but, anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Mutual Funds

  • Simplicity

    Mutual funds require no experience or
    knowledge of economics, financial statements, or financial markets to be a successful investor.

  • Accessibility

    Mutual funds are offered at brokerage firms, discount brokers online, mutual fund companies, banks, and insurance companies.

  • Diversification

    One mutual fund can invest in dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different investment securities, making it possible to achieve diversification by investing in just one fund.

  • Variety

    You can invest in mutual funds that cover the main asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash) and various sub-categories

  • Affordability

    By investing in smaller denominations (SIP), you get exposure to the entire stock (or any other asset class). This reduces the average
    transactional expenses

  • Quick & Painless Process

    You can start with one mutual fund and slowly diversify. These days it is easier to identify and handpicked fund(s) most suitable for you.

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